EUR USD Safetrade Signal

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1D view

Uptrend October to November save for the very end which saw pullback into early December.

1.07523 is the likely active zone.

December price pullback is trying to find support on the active zone.

Momentum went from oversold to overbought and now climbing from support above oversold, but still heading for neutral.

0.1337 is the 20% likelihood ATR.

4H view

Price pulling up from active zone.

3-day peak & bottom are 1.08182 and 1.07246, respectively.

Momentum pierced neutral to test overbought.

ATR with 20% likelihood is 0.00502, making 1.08487 the safer entry point for sell trade as compared to the 3-day peak.


Sell Trade Entry 1.08487 SL 1.08587 TP 1.07533

Price Chart

4H view
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