A Trader’s Journey

In essence, my mission is to help others overcome inflation and build lasting wealth – the kind that can positively transform our world.

My journey began with the inception of Corakteknikal’s Daily News blog (this website), during a challenging personal phase. I faced delayed salaries, dwindling employment opportunities, significant stock market losses, and a dire financial outlook.

As a father of five, including two university students and a special needs daughter, the stakes were high.

My secondary role involves content creation for a trading platform, encompassing videos and articles. Initially an amateur in technical analysis, I’ve since honed these skills considerably.

Over six years, I’ve come to understand that consistent, profitable trading is not only achievable but essential for anyone serious about financial success. Without a strategy to interpret market trends, one is either exceptionally wealthy or recklessly naive.

My foray into proprietary firm challenges began with a successful evaluation at Funding Pips, following a series of setbacks, including an account breach at MyForexFunds.

Currently, I’m navigating three different challenges, with promising results.

My approach has evolved:

  • I avoid past errors.
  • Market fluctuations no longer induce emotional waves or panic.
  • I’ve developed strategies to prevent overtrading and curb unwarranted overconfidence.
  • In giving back, I manage this website to share my insights and experiences.

Connect with me on Discord, and for aspiring traders, download my 2024 Trading Journal for Beginners. It’s essential for anyone committed to trading success.

I wish somebody told me these three things when I started:

  • No Action, No Results
  • No Risk, No Reward
  • No Patience, No Success

Wishing you profitable trading and good fortune!